2016 Lash Wars Fantasy

3rd place winner

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Welcome to Sakura also known as Cherry Blossom Skin Therapy!

The significance of the Cherry Blossom Tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years.  In Japan the cherry blossom represents the  fragility and beauty of life.  It is a reminder that life is overwhelmingly beautiful and is tragically short. When the cherry blossom blooms it is only for a short time, which is a visual reminder of how precious and precarious life is.  When we look at the blossoms and marvel, each is uniquely different, but absolutely beautiful. 

Every blossom symbolizing beauty, principle, love and new beginnings, exemplify the transient nature of life due to the short bloom time.  Each blossom unique in it's own way and perfect. 

As people, we are like the cherry blossom unique and beautiful in our own way.... perfection! 

Sakura philosophy is like the cherry blossom, each client is beautiful and unique in their own way.  In our philosophy we go beyond a facial, each client treated uniquely to help bring out their beauty through mind, body and soul. Each client and treatment unique.

Specializing in higher fitzpatrick scales.