2016 Fantasy Competion 3rd place winner  

LASH WARS 2016- Vegas

Competitors from all over the world - NZ, Australia, Brazil, Sweden and US.                                           


We has 90 mins. to do lashes, embelishments, costuming, makeup! We decided to go outside of the box and put fiberoptics in the lashes.... Yes lashes light up!, Skirt had fiberoptics and blinked with twinkling lights. Costume all hand made. A fan favorite at the Cosmo/Estie trade show in Vegas this year could not go 2 feet without our model Chloe having to have her picture taken with someone..... Way to go Chloe......

Pictures of work


      Before                   After (Client under Dr's care-breathing tube)

We will do home services-due to client is bed ridden- have lashes and we will come to you!

Finshed product-classic


                       Repair work/Corrections


BEFORE-client walked in and had strip lashes glued onto her extentions! Looked really painful (1/2 worth of removal time)

                Finshed product- (could not place in inner corners due to damage done to lashes prior to walking in.)


          Before                                                           After


                   Colored Lashes



Blue various shades, Purple, Yellow, Neon, Orange shades, Red just a few of the color options

                                     Glitter Lashes


Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, Gold some of the options (great accents)


                                            Two Tone


Red/Black, Blue/Black and Purple/Blue ombrie options currently available