some before pictures with Kelly's natural eyelashes

Kelly wanted a dramtic look here she is with her mink eyelashes

Comments from Kelly- Ow my really opened and lifts the appearance of my eyes. Kimiko did a beautiful job. Love how She was so thuro she gave me home care instructions and some great products to take care of them. No more strips

 Katherine- Oh! My have had facials but when I tried the Japanese facial it was the best of both worlds, variation on deep tissue but relaxing.... I could see how my skin changed after one session.... it look bright and vibrant and holistic too!

Julie- I have gone to some top notch spas and most facials did not go to this extent by the time session was over I was so relaxed I was a puddle.... recommend any treatment you get more than what you expect... worth every cent.....

Jason Clark- "Sakura was very knowledgeable, professiona, and inviting. She totally made me comfortable and the results were awesome, I will definitely be going back for another facial and relaxation therapy.  When I asked her questions about skin care the feedback was great with valuable information - posted on Genbook by Hason on 8-2015